Community Guidelines

Global Guidelines
  1. Use Proper English
    We request that all members use proper English on TRANSforumation. This includes making a best-effort attempt to spell properly and observe the rules of grammar. You may communicate in languages other than English within our international section.
  2. Treat Others With Respect
    Please be respectful to all cultures, beliefs, and ideas. It is perfectly okay for two people to have conflicting ideas, values, beliefs, and thoughts. It is not okay if one person tries to force their way of life on another. It also is required that members respect the gender identity and preferred pronouns of their fellow members.
  3. Be Supportive
    You are expected to be supportive of your fellow members. It is not permitted to cut down others or invalidate their experiences. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.
  4. Be Honest
    Honesty and integrity are highly valued on TRANSforumation, please be yourself and don't falsify any information about you. It is better to not provide information than it is to lie about it.
  5. Do No Harm
    Do not discuss or encourage "DIY" hormone treatments, do not encourage others to disobey their physician regarding any medical advice, don't suggest harmful treatments or therapies. Additionally, do not give medical advice over the internet, even if you are trained in the medical field.
  6. No Obscene Content
    Content contributed to TRANSforumation should be appropriate for all users ages thirteen and up. Mature content should only be posted in designated areas or not at all.
  7. Don't Spam
    Don't spam on TRANSforumation. Spam includes unsolicited commercial messages, as well as nonsense messages and messages repeated over-and-over.
  8. Respect Others' Privacy
    Do not reproduce content found on TRANSforumation that requires a username and password to gain access to, do not share the contents of private messages with anybody, and do not request or attempt to obtain personal information from other users.
  9. Listen To Our Staff Team
    Please follow the direction of our staff members at all times. If a staff member requests that you do something, their request holds as much weight as these terms and rules do. If you feel a staff member is acting inappropriately, contact a member of the administration team.
  10. Don't Backseat Moderate
    If another member violates these rules, please use the “report“ function to report the offending content or member. Do not try to handle the issue yourself, that's what our staff are here for.
Profile Guidelines
  1. Choose An Appropriate Username
    Usernames must not contain offensive language, impersonate others, or contain any implications of staff rank.
  2. Keep It Clean
    Profile content should be appropriate for viewing by all internet users. Don't include profanity or inappropriate images anywhere on your profile, including your "About Me" section.
  3. Use Signatures Politely
    Signatures should be a maximum of 500x150 pixels and under six lines of text with a maximum text size of 22. The site will most likely automatically enforce stricter limitations until you obtain an upgrade from the GDR shop.
  1. Stay On-Topic
    Please try and keep discussions relevant to the topic at hand. Pay attention to which section of the site or thread you are in, and ensure your posts contribute to the topic that is being discussed.
  2. Put Effort In Your Posts
    Don't make low effort posts. Instead of making posts like "thanks" and "me too", use our reactions system instead.
  3. Use Proper Formatting
    Please format all content in a way that it is easy for others to read; avoid excessive colors, overusing emoticons, gifs, or images, or other distractions.
  4. Don't Shout
    Don't shout or post in all caps. Additionally, don't post use excessive exclamation points in content titles.
  5. Don't Double Post or Cross Post
    Don't post twice in a row in the same thread, and don't post the same thread more than once or in multiple sections.
  6. Don't Abuse Attachments
    Avoid making a habit of uploading large attachments. Don't upload malicious attachments.
Reactions System
  1. Rate Content, Not Users
    When using the reactions system, please use it to rate individual content items. Do not use it to rate users themselves. Favoritism or discrimination is forbidden.
  2. Don't Ask For Reactions
    It's forbidden to ask for or solicit reactions on any material on TRANSforumation. Users should react naturally, not for incentives.
  1. Respect Copyright Law
    Only upload images to the gallery that you either created, own, or have rights from the creator and owner to upload. Do NOT steal, trace, or otherwise utilize another user's artwork or likeness without their permission.
  2. Limit Mature Content
    We do not permit any pornography of any kind in our gallery. Artistic nudity and transition-related photos containing nudity are permissible in designated mature content areas.
  3. Content Must Have Merit
    Content uploaded to our gallery must reasonably fit the description of the category it is uploaded under, unless it is uploaded to a user album only. Content lacking artistic merit (such as text-only images or empty files) is not allowed
  4. No Violence
    Images that depict real-life violence, bodily fluids, injury, gore, or death are absolutely forbidden. This also includes self-injury and pro-anorexia content.